BIO-CLEAN is... a blend of bacteria and enzymes. The bacteria are natural, not genetically-engineered. The enzyme concentration is the most powerful on the market.


Bio-Clean is non-poisonous. It creates no heat, no fumes, no boiling. It does not attack live tissue nor inorganic materials, only organic wastes like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton & sewage. This makes BIO-CLEAN safe for people, plumbing and the environment. BIO-CLEAN changes the waste particles into water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash which run harmlessly out of your waste system. These elements are then available for plant life.


Within an hour after pouring the bacteria into the drain, the bacteria begin to eat their way into the waste that has accumulated on the sides and top of the drain pipe. This is their natural food. They digest the waste and spread throughout your system, cleaning it completely.


  • Residential and commercial applications
  • All drain and sewer pipes, including:
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Lavatories
  • Bath tubs
  • Showers
  • Floor drains
  • Laundry drains
  • Septic tanks and drain fields
  • Garbage disposal odors
  • Grease traps
  • Sewage ejector sumps
  • Outdoor outhouses and cesspools
  • R.V. & boat holding tanks
  • Lift Stations
  • Cat Litter Boxes


How to use Bio-Clean

It’s best to apply Bio-Clean when drains won’t be used for 6 to 8 hours. (at bedtime for example) Apply Bio-Clean to each drain for 5 consecutive days to clean the drain and then use once per month as maintenance. Mixing Bio-Clean with warm water works best.

Dosage Rates (scoop inside can is 1 tablespoon)

Sink / Bath Tub / Shower -1 tablespoon of BC mixed with 1 pint water

Floor Drain – 3 Tablespoons of BC mixed with 3 pints water

Garbage Disposal – 1 Tablespoon BC mixed with 1 pint water (while pouring into disposal turn on and quickly shut off so mixture gets thrown onto side walls where food particles accumulate)

Toilets – 2 Tablespoons BC mixed with 2 pints water. (Pour mixture into bowl. Then add 1 quart of warm water to the bowl to push some of the mixture through the trap and into the sewer line. Do not flush for several hours.

Septic Tank / Cesspool – Mix 2lbs of BC with 4 gallons of water. Add mixture directly to tank. If you cannot access the tank flush down toilet closest to the tank.

Maintenance dosage – Flush 1 cup of BC per month down toilet. (This is not needed if drains are being treated monthly)

Drain Field – Mix 1lb of BC with 2 gallons of water for every 50 feet of drain field line. Apply directly to drain field through distribution box, vent pipes or clean out. Repeat the above dosage at 3 week intervals until 3 – 6 cans have been used.

RV’s & Boats – After first use of toilet add 2 tablespoons of BC. If odor is noticed between dumps, add 1 tablespoon

septic system

Grey Water Tanks – After first use mix 2 tablespoons of BC with 2 pints of water and pour into shower drain.

Cat Box Odors – With every litter change sprinkle a thin layer of BC on the bottom of the pan, add kitty litter, then sprinkle a thin layer on top.

Outhouse – Mix ½ lb of BC with 1 gallon of water and pour on waste once per month.

Sewage Spill – Sprinkle a thin layer of BC on top and keep moist until waste is gone. Large spills may require several cans.

Grease Trap – Mix 1 can of BC with 2 gallons of water and add directly to trap or pour down drain leading to trap.

Maintenance - For Traps 0 to 500 gallons add ½ cup of BC mixed with 1 gallon of water to a drain leading to trap everyday. For traps larger then 500 gallons use 1 cup of BC mixed with 1 gallon of water every day. (Ask about our 25lb bucket for commercial use)

Multi Story Buildings – In commercial buildings such as an apartment complex start by treating the drains on the lowest floor first. Complete the 5 day purge of all the drains on the lowest floor then move up to the next floor and start a 5 day purge on that floor. Keep moving up a floor after each 5 day purge until all the floors in the building have been treated. We do the treatments this way so if during the treatment process a chunk of waste breaks free from the sidewall of the plumbing it will fall down through pipes that have already been cleaned making a back-up or blockage less likely to happen. If a blockage does occur try plunging the drain to push the loose material through. This is rare but also a good sign that the organisms in Bio-Clean are working.

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